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Good writers just want to have fun

17 Feb

So tonight I went to see a movie with a friend and some friends of hers I’d never met before. One of the girls is studying English and Political Science (I think)–basically pre-law. We sort of talked about our similar interests in English before the movie, so that was kind of our connection after just meeting each other. I should have expected that after the movie, we would have a conversation about meaningful things regarding the movie (because that is pretty typical for English majors or anyone associated with the College of Liberal Arts, really).

So after the movie, my friend and the English major were standing in the hallway, waiting for the others to take a restroom break, and of course we were talking about the movie. Then the English major began to talk about how she saw the movie as an analogy to our society. Being the nerd that I am, I appreciated the things she was saying, and I had my own similar thoughts about the movie myself; But I also came to a realization in that moment…

There are two types of English majors–

ones that analyze post-entertainment, and ones that analyze as entertainment.

I am not the latter.

I have a tendency to experience every story I ever read (or write), every movie I ever see, and every thing I ever do for what it’s worth. Then (and not long afterward), I process it all logically, draw meaning from it like I’m a super concept magnet, form a deeper understanding of it all, and then I craft those mega thoughts into words that usually turn out much better on paper.

Looking back, this is something I noticed about many of my classmates in college, and I kind of wished I could have been like them. They seemed quick and well put-together, and it felt like it took me more time and energy to produce the level of thoughts they had. But then sometimes I realized that I actually had more to say, and what I had to say was my own genuine thought or opinion–something that is easier for other people… ordinary people… to relate to. In other words, I think this actually made me….

a better writer, perhaps.

I mean, isn’t that what “good writers” are?– people who write in such a way that has the power to capture the minds of all? That seems to be the way we have defined it, regardless of whatever trends and guidelines befall the worlds of literature and pop culture.

Anyway, that is my thought for the day. Maybe it will inspire someone. :)